Advocacy. Passion. Experience. Diligence.


   At the end of our careers we found ourselves amongst a group of individuals whose fields complemented each other’s in what turned out to be inseparable, ways. Technology was changing the arts and business and vice versa. This made us eager to cultivate individual disciplines,  effectively intersecting our expertise with a common goal of Advocacy. Our believe is that creative businesses thrive on passion. Choosing to specialize in a field means that you are completely devoted to it; that you will protect it as if it were your own. That is the energy that sets METTA PRVNÍ apart.

METTA PRVNÍ is a business boutique whose core principle is advocacy. Just the way Justice should not be only for the rich, legal strategies should not only be for the wealthy.  We understand that problems, by definition, cross many academic disciplines; so why not think multidisciplinary? Clark & Mayer, and a group of trusted professionals bring to you the most one of the most innovative emerging companies for your business needs. 



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